About Mike

Actor, writer, comedian, playwright, podiatrist, admiral, wet nurse, postmaster general…

As a comedian, Mike has performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Montreal Comedy Festival as well as in comedy clubs all across the country and was a 2-time finalist in the Andy Kaufman Awards.

As a playwright, he had his first play “The Egg Progect” produced at Dixon Place Theater in Manhattan in 2011, recently had a staged reading of it starring Debbie Harry and it is now part of the New York International Fringe Festival 2015.

As a writer, he’s a blogger for the Huffington Post and he’s had prose published both in print and online. Read his stuff online at SmokeLong Quarterly and Word Riot, or check him out in print in Etchings.

Read an interview with him saying smart things to SmokeLong Quarterly.

SL: What’s the key to making humor work in writing?

MA: When characters are ironic, they’re uninteresting. Real humor comes from eccentric, obsessive, passionate people behaving in eccentric, obsessive, passionate ways.


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