Debbie Harry plays my mom in a reading of my play The Egg Progect #rapture #oedipus

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It was an awesome experience–a staged reading of my play at 3 Legged Dog theater in downtown Manhattan with the incredible, beautiful, sultry punk-goddess–my dream girl–Debbie Harry! Mmm. Blondie looking deep into my eyes and telling me how much she loves me…. OK, she was playing my mom, but still. *sigh*


How did it happen? My friend, NY actor Gary Ray who has played the father in every production and who goes way back with Debbie, sent her the script. She liked it and asked what was next. It took a while to make our schedules work; this woman is no hausfrau, she still tours: Blondie’s 2012 USA Tour. She’s still every bit the rock-star, but with less stage diving. (I asked her if she ever stage dove…she laughed. “Probably!”) But finally it came together. My friend and actress who played the fiancĂ©e, Susan Archer, found the theater and we made magic.

It was very flattering that she wanted to play this role–a sick suburban housewife who is miles away from the one she played in Hairspray. This was more Albee than Waters, but she brought a simmering insanity to it which is exactly what I had in mind. We had fun rehearsals–she’d hug me and call me her “boy.” The reading was well-attended and looks like good news is on the horizon. Movement! Love it.

Oh, I forgot to mention. She had written on her script “Not all eggs are the same!” She said she read it on the side of a truck and thought of the play. *sigh*

Read more about “The Egg Progect” HERE and check out this sizzle reel:




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